Lace-Ups and Thigh-High Boots

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I am LOVING these two trends, I cannot even begin to explain it! It's an obsession. I'm so bummed that San Diego is hitting 80 degrees mid-winter because I have not worn my thigh-high boots enough. Therefore, be warned: you will see them quite often (no shame in being an outfit repeater)!

So on this very warm day, I decided to wear this cute denim dress with my black boots. Something I really love about them is that they can make an outfit look way more put together, than say if I were wearing shorter booties.

Switching topics, I also wanted to mention, I am currently interning with College Fashionista, and I'm so happy to announce that they came out with an awesome podcast! It's perfect for college girls wanting to pursue a career in the fashion industry! College Fashionista founder, Amy Levin, speaks with awesome women who have grown and succeeded in the industry. I really recommend you check it out! Very inspiring, to say the least! (Click here to download)

Dress: Forever 21 (similar here)
Bag: Aldo (on sale!)

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