Las Posadas con HERDEZ: Easy Five Layer Dip

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Hello everyone! Today's post is one I am very excited about. I'll be showing you how to make a quick and easy Five Layer Dip, perfect for the holiday season! As 'Las Posadas' are in full swing, we often don't know what to cook for get-togethers with family and friends, but I promise you this recipe is delicious, and I know everyone will enjoy it! For me, 'Las Posadas' are a joyful moment to share with the closest of family and friends, so having great food that's festive and convenient to snack on makes this fun holiday even better!

Follow along, and you will end up with a finishing product similar to mine!

Let's get started, first you want to start by dicing up 3 tomatoes into small squares.

Then, warm up some refried beans. You don't want them to be extremely hot because your transparent cup will fog up.

Next, take 2 medium avocados and mash them with a fork until you get a guacamole consistency.

This next step was my favorite! To add a festive touch, I took square slices of Pepper Jack cheese and a snowflake cookie cutter to make these adorable cheese snowflakes we'll be using to top our dip cups. 

Now it's time for our main ingredients, HERDEZ Salsa Verde and HERDEZ Salsa Casera.

Assemble all of your ingredients, and get some small transparent cups to make our individual dips.

First start off by putting your beans in a plastic piping bag. This will make the process more organized, and you'll really be able to see the separation between each layer.

Then, take your mashed avocado and spread it evenly to create the second layer.

Take your diced tomatoes and do the same. 

I took another piping bag for the sour cream and distributed it evenly, concentrating on the circumference of the cup so you can really see it. 

And finally, I added HERDEZ Salsa Casera on top. 

Now take your cheese snowflake and place it on top!

This is what the finishing product should look like! Wasn't that easy? And, it's super delicious too.

We're also going to use our HERDEZ Salsa Verde, because many people (like myself) prefer salsa verde!


I really hope you enjoyed my Five Layer Dip recipe! I loved how it came out and I really hope you get the chance to try it out! I know you'll be surprised at how extremely easy it is to prepare. To check out other recipes for 'Las Posadas', visit the HERDEZ website!

HERDEZ is currently running a contest on their Instagram page! Three top winners will be selected as well as honorable mentions. Prizes are as follows:
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- Honorable Mention: Custom T-shirts

To enter, submit a photo on Instagram with the hashtag #MisPosadas. For contest details, be sure to follow the HERDEZ account!

Felices Fiestas!

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